Monday, April 18, 2005

Suddenly Surprised your smile

the way the moonlight fills you.

It's been some time since I journaled but don't be fooled
by the dates above. I'm alive and doing well. That snowy
drift of mountain near death experience has faded into
a new season. To summarize:

-finished up my stay at the motel 8 after we were snowed in
for 72 hours and bused into Wilke's-Barre.
-ate alot of white powder donuts in Wilkes-Barre but didn't
like much of the scenery.
-started walking from the city out to the countryside and
got a ride from a farmer (actually named B.J. but there was
no bear) in his Ford pickup out to Clairton where not even
a dollar bill was taken from me, in true country manners,
and like Morgan Freeman on his way to Buxton in Shawshank,
I was 'much obliged'.
-been tenting out in the wilderness of this crazy landscape
as I couldn't actually find the centre of town (it seems to be
just a few shops and closed-down mills surrounded by
amazing mountains).

...and here I am. Reflecting. 1 week ago, I was working in a
call centre, staring at the clock, ready to explode like a
timebomb of fury, doubt and degredation and now I am
on the side of a mountain in a small thatch of soft grass and
the stars are fireworks above me, lighting this paper as I
write. I guess I'm realizing that the North American way is
all about the rush and, of course, capitalism but it doesn't
have to be that way in the mind and soul of every human that
inhabits its soil. 1 week ago, I think I had only ever peed
outside once as a kid but in the last 5 days, I've emptied
myself about 16 times outdoors...and it's not that bad. I
really like it here. I think I'll stay awhile.